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Byron Vincent – Instagramming the Apocalypse

Event Date
Saturday 24th April 2021




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In a new film developed from his stage show, performer Byron Vincent brings the force of his wit and wisdom to shine a spotlight on the post-satire age.

Byron has an anxiety disorder – but with dying icons, impending climate catastrophe and that bloke from ‘Home Alone 2’ in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, isn’t blind panic the only sane response? It’s a glib, postmodern world in which cynicism is cool, modern life is rubbish and sincerity is for suckers.

As concepts like truth, peace and hope become risible anachronisms, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate our perspective? In a post-satire age, what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Byron Vincent is a writer, performer, broadcaster and activist. He also has a diagnosis of PTSD and bipolar disorder. As a spoken word artist at music and literary festivals, he was picked as one of BBC poetry season’s new talent choices. In more recent years he has turned to theatre, working as writer, director and performer for the RSC, BAC and other notable acronyms. Now he’s turning to film as a chance to reach even more people than before. Byron is a passionate social activist with lived experience of issues around poverty and mental health. Byron has written and presented for BBC Radio 4 on the social problems arising out of poverty, ghetto-isation and mental ill-health.

Join us at the live premiere of the film:
Byron’s live event will include a pre-show introduction by Byron himself, followed by a screening of the film. After this there will be an interview with Byron and the option for you to ask your own questions. To close out the event Byron is going to host a live DJ set to carry you into your Saturday night!
Sign up and watch anytime during the film’s 14-day streaming period.
However you chose to watch, this exciting new content is completely FREE. Link will be live from 16th April 2021.

Run Time: Event runtime 3 hours (film is 1 hour 10 minutes)

Age Suitability: 18+ (adult content and strong language)

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