Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the creative and cultural support organisation for the following nine projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

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Jienkyo – Kuuki

Event Date
Saturday 21st May 2022

St Ives Guildhall

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Kuuki‘ is the Japanese word for air. It consists of kanji signs defining sky, atmosphere and energy at the same time.

For artists working on this production Kuuki / Air is primarily a movement. Dynamically, lightly, airy, elusively – Kuuki is a quest for energy. Can the wind be touched? How does the air smell? How does the breath sound? Each of us experiences it on a daily basis, yet the air constantly enraptures us with its elusiveness, unconsciousness, enchants with the promise of going up, attracts the possibility of flight, spinning. 

Dancers and instrumentalist take audiences on a journey to search for materiality together, in what is so fleeting. They invite the air to be touched, felt, listened… In this delicate and safe space, artists, children and adults look for mutual experiences and inspire each other. Movement, sound and image are filled with air. 

This show is especially created for young children aged 0-3 and their families.

KUUKI is a Japanese-Polish production, for which JIENKYO (Japanese Theater Union for Children and Youth) invited the creative duet Barbara Małecka and Alicja Morawska Rubczak. Malecka and Rubczak have been working in the development of theatre for the youngest children in Poland, and the promotion of home theatre for children abroad for over ten years. As a stage designer and director, together they have created performances dedicated to children under the age of three. They are joined by an outstanding Japanese accordionist Kanako Kato.

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